Barcelona is a club that’s always among the news. This, of course, is a double-edged sword as there is always something happening. Unfortunately, lately, it’s been worse than good and a potential crisis is just around the corner of the Camp Nou. Yesterday, for instance, former president Josep Maria Bartomeu was under arrest for corruption charges.

Bartomeu arrested

Former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu is under arrest due to his involvement with the BarçaGate scandal that took place in the five-year tenure of his presidency, ranging from 2015 to 2020.

The arrests were made in connection with an ongoing investigation on the club’s financial issues, the infamous scandal and various corruption charges. In the infamous ‘BarçaGate’ scandal, the club’s officials were accused of launching a smear campaign against current and former players who were critical of the club and then-president Bartomeu.

For the one who didn’t know about ‘BarçaGate’ , Bartomeu employed I3 Ventures to insulate his reputation as several campaigns were launched anonymously to harm the public images of club greats such as Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, Pep Guardiola and other club legends, as well as candid critics of the club president.

He was also accused of defaming current and former players with the help of PR companies while helping his agenda and portrayal in the press through the same. He dodged the arrest before his resignation but could not escape the fate yesterday.

The fans on the other hand were relieved when he resigned, he surely has created a toxic environment for the players to play for the Catalan Club. Many controversies like the bad treatment of club legend Luis Suarez, bad picturization of Messi’s contract, the PR thing etc. which happened during his reign have ruined the image of the club.

The problems are only starting for Bartomeu with a suit being prepared by Messi’s side against Bartomeu for defamation by revealing the secret contract details to the local press.

The presidential candidate and legendary former president Joan Laporta had similar views, that this would taint the club’s image in front of the world.

“Bartomeu’s arrest? It’s not good news, nor pleasant for Barça. He didn’t have good management, but he’s still a president of Barça and it’s shocking news.”

Laporta is right in many ways as this news further tainted the club’s legacy and a shock for the footballing world and fans. The domination of those who are in power and fans and players make the whole system treated like puppets. The club which brought professionalism to football is run by these Morons.

Moreover, CEO Oscar Grau, legal counsel Roman Gomez Ponti, and former advisor to the presidency Jaume Masferrer all have been taken into custody as well. Their arrests brings a big doubts and questions over the legitimacy in the way they ran the club in their tenure.

This is ought to bring forth a plenitude of suspicions and questions regarding, the presidential candidates, players, and appointment of Ronald Koeman in the coming weeks. 

Anyways, Barcelona, in an official statement, has proposed its full commitment and cooperation to the judicial and police administration to clarify the facts of this search.

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