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Walton Casuals in Appeal for Off-Field Help

Date: Wed 18 May 2022

By Steve Whitney

Pitching In Southern League Premier Division South club Walton Casuals have revealed off-field problems which threaten its very future.

A statement from the club reads as follows:

“Casuals achieved its best position in the non-League Pyramid in 2021/22. However, the backdrop to this success has been one of incredible challenges on the pitch – matched only by challenges off the pitch.

“It has therefore been very difficult to decide the future direction of the club – whether this is to be to continue under current management, offer the club for acquisition or to close the club down.

“All clubs rely on the support of individuals, companies, volunteers and the local authority – and especially fans and sponsors.

“The generosity and commitment of all those associated with the club has made the 2021/22 season’s achievements all the more special.

“But recent, current and foreseeable stresses that will be placed on all those inputs (time and financial) has made it clear that despite careful stewardship by the current management the ability to continue operating the club into next season appears unsustainable.

“Therefore, the club is exploring potential acquisition approaches before deciding the ultimate future.

“We know this will come as a huge disappointment to our fans”.

Walton Casuals Web Site

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